The primary musical genres we serve are pop, country, contemporary jazz, soul, gospel, and R&B.

We do not. Custom music productions is the only service we currently provide.

Simply record your scratch vocal, choose between our standard and premium rate plans, submit your order and upload your scratch vocal file.

Yes! Please be sure to say your name and the title of your song before you start recording your scratch track. Also, please be sure to name the file accordingly (your name_song title).

Once you have successfully submitted your order, you will be taken to the confirmation page that will provide you with a link to where you can upload your scratch vocal file.

On average, it can take between 8 to 12 days per song before you receive a copy to preview.

Absolutely! Once your music is ready, we’ll send you a tagged copy to preview. At this point, you can either grant your approval or request changes.

You will receive 3 opportunities to request changes. Any request for changes after you have granted your approval may incur an additional fee.

No. The audio tag is only present on preview copies.

Yes but you may incur an additional fee.

You will own 100% of the completed song.

We currently only allow one song per order.

If after 3 revisions we are unable to create the music you want, you can request a full refund of your payment.